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Case Study: Makka Solicitors

A Day in the Life – Solicitor Fida Chaudhary

“With two practices in operation and the need to run several legal management software packages, myself and the rest of the Makka Solicitors team contacted Perfect Software in search of a solution that would save us a lot of time and effort. We had previously managed cases, accounts and billing procedures ourselves, but as the firm continued to grow these processes were becoming increasingly complicated.

Our ongoing relationship with Perfect Software means that our legal management procedures could be made less complex, whilst remaining legally compliant, a transition that we simply would not have been able to complete alone. Cost-wise the use of their systems also made sense, whilst the automation offered by Perfect Software’s bespoke packages meant that we were able to streamline convoluted processes and increase the quality and efficiency of our services further.

In addition to the low cost packages that Perfect Software were able to provide, the customer support delivered by their team is second to none. We also found the systems particularly easy to use whilst the compliancy of each package made our lives much easier.
Our criticisms of Perfect Software has been relayed to their team, who have assured us that several minor improvements will be made to make the products more robust.

Overall the use of Perfect Software systems within our firm has improved efficiency dramatically, and allowed each solicitor in our team to spend 5% more time with their clients. I would definitely refer any professional in a similar situation to Perfect Software, in fact I have already recommended them to several individuals thinking of upgrading their legal management systems!”