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Case Study: Philip Thomas

Debbie Thomas

“As a practice that specialises exclusively in criminal law, the use of Perfect Software has been an instrumental part of Philip Thomas & Co since I’ve been involved with the firm.

Brought in by previous partners, I simply haven’t known any other system or what life would be like without it. All I do know is that as one of South Wales’ leading solicitors we have to have automated systems in place to ensure each and every one of our cases can be filed correctly and accurately.

Both myself and the rest of the Philip Thomas team wouldn’t change a thing about the system, whilst Perfect Software’s high level of customer support ensures every technical issue that I may have when it comes to losing files or printing is resolved quickly. We’ve found that nothing is too much trouble for Perfect Software and the customer support included in their service is their biggest and best asset.

The simple yet effective system provided by Perfect Software also provides the compliance that we need as a growing legal firm. From my experience, the system is brilliant, simple and easy to use, and I actively make a point of recommending Perfect Software and their products and services highly and have done so frequently.”