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A Day in the Life – Accounts Manager Pauline Wright

With two offices in Dudley and Wolverhampton, Riley Hayes Solicitors has a reputation for being a local and friendly port of call for those seeking legal advice. As Accounts Manager, Pauline Wright ensures help is only a phone call away for individuals searching for professional assistance with personal injury and criminal law cases.

Here Pauline explains how utilising Perfect Software across both Riley Hayes Solicitors branches ensures she can manage their two partners, 11 fee earners and 14 terminals effectively and efficiently.

“I joined Riley Hayes Solicitors 11 years ago, and the practice was using Sage as its accounts software. Despite its reputation, Sage’s lacking features meant that specific work relating to criminal law had to be administered by hand, a process that could simply not be sustained in a growing practice. As I continued to use the Sage system, both myself and the rest of the team found it totally unsuitable for a legal practice and quite expensive. Limited support was available from Sage but at a cost.

In search of efficiency, effectiveness and affordability I began the process of reviewing all the available software and chose Perfect Software, which wasn’t a difficult decision to make! We needed our software to maintain the accuracy that we take pride in as a practice as well as save the time spent handwriting criminal billing, and Perfect Software was undoubtedly the answer.

As a group of legal professionals writing our own software simply wasn’t feasible, and Perfect Software provided added benefits, such as security, which we would not have if we’d attempted to do this ourselves.

The simplicity of the system really stood out for us, and each and every member of the Riley Hayes team found Perfect Software easy to get to grips with. Its advanced features also meant that we could process criminal billing electronically and in accordance with the latest requirements. It was the simplicity of the accounts that made me choose Perfect Software as opposed to their competitors who seemed to go out of their way to make the process complicated.

In addition to its userability and excellent features, the service is second to none. To this day, I have never had to wait more than 30 minutes for technical help. They are all nice people too, and I think being a smaller company certainly helps them to provide a truly personal service. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the Perfect Software team, even down to the uploading of back data at the very start of the service.

The use of Perfect Software has changed the way we do things at Riley Hayes dramatically, in fact I would have to work full time without them. It would take me at least an extra 2.5 days per week to fulfil my role, whilst the software means significant time savings for our fee earners.
Overall Perfect Software does exactly what it says on the tin, and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position and have done so already!”