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Perfect Books for Conveyancers

Perfect Software can save Conveyancers Time, Money and Effort

Perfect Books for Windows provides a versatile and intuitive solution for conveyancers. In a time where conveyancers are facing squeezed profit margins and increased competition, Perfect Books helps you avoid getting bogged down by the routine and repetitive aspects of the work and allows your time to be harnessed more efficiently and to better effect.

Features include:

Comprehensive Accounts System

- Keep track of search fees, completion monies, etc. with our sophisticated accounts facility.
- Easy to use bank reconciliation and end of month report.
- Financial forecasting options to set, adjust and compare budgets.

Detailed Client Database

- Ensure compliance with your obligations with our identity check and conflict of interest searches.
- Organise your repeat customers by linking related matter records to a single client.

Wide Range of Reporting Options

- The in-depth matter reporting system lets you keep track of all your matters in as much detail as you want.
- Produce information on interest owed to clients, average bills, accounts in default and more.
- Professional Indemnity Report will break down your fees by work type or by source of business.


Users with the Perfect Case manager module will also have access to:

Customisable Workflows

- Prepare a list of tasks and letter templates common to all matters of a work type.
- Create a list of text, dates, amounts or contacts that can be automatically entered into letters (e.g. purchase price, completion date, mortgagee).
- Compose contract paragraphs that can be added or removed from a document at the touch of a button.
- We also have pre-made conveyancing workflows that have been designed specifically in accordance with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Document Production

- Create emails and letters from scratch or from existing letter templates.
- All documents are saved in a virtual folder created automatically for each matter.
- Individual work flow for each matter containing letters, emails and key dates as well as any other document types (PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.) you want to import.

Diary Feature

- The diary helps you to keep track of all exchanges, completions, priority periods, or just reminds you to follow up an unanswered letter.
- Exports to the Microsoft Outlook Calendar to provide a more synchronised experience.

By reducing the time spent on mundane daily tasks, Perfect Books gives you more opportunity to create new clients, enhance your relationships with your existing ones, and advance your business.

If this sounds like something of interest to you, or you would like to find out more, contact us on 01656 720071 or at or by clicking here to have a chat or for a free, no-obligation demonstration of the software in practice.