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Perfect Books for Legal Aid Firms

Reduce the Complexity of Legal Aid Work for just £300 + VAT

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) is making changes to the submission requirements for Legal Aid Firms with increasing frequency. Keeping track of all the ever more elaborate new rules is becoming ever more time-consuming and can use up valuable working time. Uploading files to the Legal Aid Online Portal can be a complicated and frustrating process. Perfect Books is designed to save time, to avoid the uncertainty and help you navigate the bureaucracy. It is fully compliant and up to date with the latest rules and rates for both criminal and civil legal aid.

The Perfect Books legal aid module is an add on to the Perfect Books 4 package and is available for £300 + VAT and contains all these features:

Timesheets and Billing

Civil – Legal aid rates are constantly being kept updated for all clients under our support contract. This helps to streamline the process of recording and billing your time. You can even produce EC-1 exceptional claim forms.

Criminal – It’s simple to enter timesheet information using all the correct rates (which are kept up to date by Perfect Software for everyone using the support contract). Perfect Books can create CRM6, CRM7, CRM11, 5144, 5144A and prison law bills from this information.

LSC Website Compatibility

The system makes it simple to create CRM6 Reports (for criminal matters) or Controlled Matter Report Forms and Controlled Matter Start Forms (for civil). These can be uploaded directly to the Legal Aid Online Portal making submissions as painless as possible.

Comprehensive Support

Our support contract entitles you to an unlimited number of calls to our office, so that any confusion, problems or general queries can be dealt with by our friendly and experienced support team.

Case Management Features

Users with the Perfect Case module can customise the documents, dates and data for each matter in order to streamline the running of criminal and civil cases. You can even automatically record time as you work. See here for more information about the case management system.

Keep track of all accounts postings

The straightforward and effective system makes it easy to show the receipt and allocation of all Legal Aid payments as well as all other types of accounts transactions.

Regular Upgrades

All Legal Aid clients under our support contract will receive regular updates to the program, keeping you up to date with the frequent revisions to the submission requirements.

If this sounds like something of interest to you, or you would like to find out more, contact us on 01656 720071 or at to have a chat or a free, no-obligation demonstration of the software in action.