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Are you on the latest version? - V0450.24

Our latest version, V0450.24 is now available for download Click here for details and download instructions

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Advice and Support

Advice and Support covers the Perfect Books system and general book-keeping operation. We are always pleased to give advice to our clients on any aspect of the operation of your legal accounts computer system. Whether you require guidance on how to operate the VAT routine, posting Swear Fees to petty cash or starting up Windows, our support service can help. Even help with system start-up, Bank Reconciliation and End-of-year problems is usually free (see Exception 1, below).

We offer a support service, 5 days a week - 09.00am to 17.00pm and can answer most problems within an hour. Larger problems may need more information but, even so, will usually get a response dispatched within three working days of receipt of the full details.

"It's very easy to use and the customer service is fantastic. If there's any problem they immediately look into it and resolve it very qucikly. Very good service."
Alex Symeon - Symeon & Co - Essex - July 2014

No Fault Data Recovery

Your data is valuable. Even with regular back-ups, there is always the chance that data may be corrupted, lost or just plain mis-posted. Under the support contract, we will endeavour to recover it and tidy it up. We will not charge in most cases (see exception 2, below) - whether 'finger trouble' (such as switching the machine off in the middle of posting) or hardware or software failure - even if the problem is caused by other software. We will always advise how to prevent a recurrence.

Revision Service for Rules and Rate changes

When the rules or rates change, we will circulate a system update within around 6 weeks of us being notified. This will be free to all firms on Support and will cover:

Free System Upgrade Service

Like all good software, Perfect Books is under continual review. The support service gives you notice of all latest improvements and features. The upgrade will be made available free-of-charge, without change to your existing data, and will contain all software and documentation - including any new manual updates and/or guidance notes, to all firms on an exisiting Support contract.

"Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable about their product. It's a good system"
Edward Young - Kober-Smith & Associates LLP - London - September 2014

Exception 1 - Larger Accounting Problems - Our support service includes help with system start-up, bank reconciliation and year end. However, we are not accountants. In cases where the problems are too complex for us to handle in our normal course of work, we will notify you of this. If you wish - and our schedule permits - we can sometimes offer to do the work on a chargeable basis.

Exception 2 - Wilfully damaged hard drives - several firms have allowed engineers to upgrade their computers, or to wipe out their hard drives, before checking with us that their security is in good order. Our recovery service is therefore conditional on us being informed at least 4 working days before you change a machine, or upgrade the operating system (e.g. to Windows Vista or Windows 7), or allow relevant hard drives to be deleted, formatted or "cleaned" (e.g. to remove a virus). We reserve the right to charge for any assistance needed to recover data in the event that we are not so informed.