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New Matter Control Screen flexibility to boost efficiency

With more pressure on legal professionals to improve efficiencies, Perfect Software has been working with clients to improve its Matter control screen. 

“After talking to clients and understanding more about the practicalities of how they work, we realised that flexibility is key,” said Managing Director Patrick Carmody, “so we have been developing features on the Matter control screen, such as the ability to look up client contact details, bring up a letter or add time, all with just one button click.”

The new features include:

• Client Information tab
   All client and contact information is available without the need to close the Matter screen

• Timesheet entry direct to matter
   A new add time button allows you to add on a time entry as you are looking at the file

• Control multiple matters
   Open several matters at once to quickly move from one to the other

• Use Perfect Books as you write
   Move seamlessly from a letter opened in Case Management and back to Perfect Books

• Contact Tab
   See and edit the details of third parties and reference them on each matter automatically for  letters relevant to that party

A number of clients have registered their interest in seeing a demonstration of the system and Perfect Software is seeking further feedback from legal professionals willing to trial the product. “The more feedback we receive, the better the end product will be for clients,” adds Patrick.