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Perfect Software Win ILFM Legal Software Suppliers Award 2014

We are proud to announce we are winners of the 2014 Software Users Award from the Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM)

Patrick Carmody (Managing Director) and Marcus Lewis (Sales Manager) are to collect the award at ILFM’s annual luncheon at Middle Temple Hall in London on the 17th September.

“We are absolutely delighted to win this award, which recognises all of the hard work that the whole team has put in over the last year. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service to our customers, which often means going the extra mile to resolve their problems and help them get the best from their systems. To do this we provide a first line of technical and bookkeeping assistance to smaller firms, who don’t often have all this expertise in their own offices, so we can save them expense and time,” said Patrick.

This Software Users Award is particularly significant as the winner is chosen by ILFM members rating their software for usability, functionality and quality of support, which is where Perfect Software scores particularly highly.

Patrick said: “It’s so exciting to have confirmation from ILFM that we are succeeding in delivering great service to all our clients. Quite honestly I never expected to come first as we are competing with many much larger organisations. The best we managed before was to come second and I was very pleased with that. This now sets a new standard for us, and we will have to work hard over the next year to ensure this trophy stays in South Wales.”

Kim Freeman, Office Manager at ILFM, added: “It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Perfect Software team on winning our Solicitors’ Software Users Award 2014..”