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Perfect Books CRM

Ensure your firm can make the most of the resource that is your client and contact database.

We have designed our CRM system first of all to help you manage your contact details associated with your clients and other third parties.

Used effectively CRM can help you use your contact data to grow your business, enhance the service you provide to you clients and to help solidify your relationships.

You may well have a large number of clients – and information about them in your Perfect Books Database. Now with CRM you can utilise this data more effectively.

The CRM system includes all of your clients and third parties (eg other Solicitors, Estate Agents, Experts etc) which you are now able to narrow down in to subgroups.

For example you could instantly produce a list of all Clients in a geographical area for whom you do not currently hold Wills for. This is just one example of many types of group of contacts that you may wish to define.

Once you a have targeted, defined list you can easily mail merge a letter to the group or even send a bulk email using the export function.

The main application of this feature is to attempt to generate new business. However using it as an aid to staying in touch with your contacts can be just as valuable.

If you have the latest release of Case Management you will already have access to this feature.
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Prospect Management

Don’t leave money on the table - manage your prospective clients effectively.

Sometimes an individual will call up and ask for details about your services and the costs but not actually end up instructing you. Of course there can be many reasons for this, but if they are going to the effort of doing this there is a high chance they are going to need the service whether from you or the next firm.

With Perfect Books CRM tools you are now able to add Prospective clients to your database so that you can manage them and make sure they are followed up.

If you don’t have a systematic method of managing these valuable contacts you could be losing out on clients. By adding them as a prospect in the contacts database you can instantly find a list of all of your prospects at any time.

There are also two new aspects of Perfect Books within the CRM tools that help improve this process further:

Quote Production

Once you have filled in the Prospect details you can use the mail merge function to instantly produce a quote for them. The name and address will come through automatically so you can create a quote quickly with the minimum of effort.

You can easily have a number of different templates for example you could have different quote templates for your Conveyancing, Wills, Litigation or any kinds of quote you need to provide.

This feature can also be used to send follow up letters to the prospect to make sure the quote was received and to see if they need your help or wish to instruct you.

Convert Prospects in to Clients

Converting Prospects in to clients is name of the game, so we have updated the software so that you can track and record this process with the minimum of fuss.

The first step is to put the prospective clients details in to your Contact database. Once the details are in you can send them a quote. Then if this person instructs you and becomes a client, all you have to do is click on the “Change to Client” button in the Contact database.

When you do this the contact moves out of the third parties contact database in to the Client database ready for you to open a Matter in Perfect Books.
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Coming Soon..

The CRM, Prospect Management and Quotes features are only available for users of Perfect Books 4 or Perfect Books Online with Case.
Keep an eye out for future updates because in the pipeline at the moment we have some developments for Perfect Books 3 and some new reporting options.