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Case Management

Don’t you wish you had more time?

Time is the most important asset that lawyers have. Or in most cases, don’t have enough of. Time is spent attending on the needs of clients, in court, negotiating, drafting, travelling, researching, the list goes on. And unfortunately too much time ends up being wasted rewriting the same routine letters, words, phrases. Wasted checking through lengthy files to make sure you’ve got the correct details. Wasted trying to work through over-elaborate diary systems that give you a thousand options but make it difficult to find out what needs to be done today.

The Case Manager module for Perfect Books is designed to maximise your available time in order for you to get more work done, spend more time with clients, and oversee your business’s output more effectively.

The Perfect Books Case Management module is an add-on to the Perfect Books 4 system, as well as being an optional extra for Perfect Books Online. It is available from just £700 +VAT.

"The change from the fee per case software to Perfect Software case management system is saving us over £24,000 per year"
Heather Phillip - Heather Phillip Licensed Conveyancing - Leicester - August 2014

Features of the Case Management system include:

Fully Customisable Workflows

Perfect Case lets you set up your workflows exactly as you want them. It is quick and intuitive to set up things to do, key dates, notes and templates for letters or emails. The system will also allow you to automatically insert case information into letters to save time that would be otherwise wasted filling in routine letters. Adjusting the workflows for specific matters is made simple to reflect the fact that no two matters are quite the same.

Key Details at a Glance

Making client information accessible is paramount. The system will help you keep track of all the important details of any case with ease. Keep track of dates, amounts, contacts, and more. You can even prepare paragraphs to be added to or removed from documents in seconds, allowing you to optimise contracts/wills/etc with ease.

Automated Time Recording

Record time as you work. Rather than have to keep stopping to complete your timesheets, the Perfect Books system can take care of that for you. Time spent writing letters, emails and attendance notes is automatically calculated. When you finish writing, you will be given a short menu confirming the information before the entry saves straight to the timesheet for the matter.


Simple and effective; the Perfect Case diary gives you full control over your task-list. The straight-forward system lets you tick off or reschedule items quickly. It also integrates with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar to provide a powerful time management feature.

Contacts list

As a firm, your list of contacts extends far beyond your client list. With the Case system comes the opportunity to keep track of all the other people and organisations that you deal with. You can use this information to send letters and emails to any contact a simple process. .

Outlook Integration

Send emails to anyone connected to a case from the matter page. Contact details can be directly imported from Outlook Contacts into Perfect Books; whether you want to bring in one or one hundred contacts, Perfect Books can oblige. It will even check for any duplicates to help keep your contact list is error-free. The diary system will also let you add important dates to your Outlook Calendar to prevent you from missing any important deadlines.

Data Storage

Each matter generates a folder within your Perfect Books system to store all letters and emails for the matter in one convenient location. It’s also quick and easy to import incoming emails, PDFs, spreadsheets or any other document into the matter history, providing a comprehensive timeline on a single page.

"We particularly like the case management software. It keeps track of pretty much everything whilst giving us the means to modify output letters to suit the individual needs of our clients... The case management system offered by Perfect Software is a lifesaver"
Bev Garlick - Practice Manager - DCH Law - Nottingham - September 2014

If this sounds like something of interest to you, or you would like to find out more, contact us on 01656 720071 or at to have a chat or a free, no-obligation demonstration of the software in action.