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Solutions for Practice Managers

Help your firm gain a competitive edge with specialist Legal IT administrative and compliance tools.
Find out at a glance how well your firm is performing and identify areas for improvement with simple, effective reporting.

"We have all the reports we need to give us a bird's eye view of the practice as a whole so we can make sure that it is running as it should"
Sherry Thakur - Solicitor & Practice Manager - Jane Kaim Caudle Solicitors - Watford - May 2014


Rest assured that your accounts are fully Solicitors Accounts Rules compliant. Numerous features have been built in to help you satisfy the SRA inspectors. Additional tools allow for Conflict and ID checking and our new forms will help you achieve the COLP and COFA requirements.

Financial Reporting

Easy to produce and interpret our financial reports give you an instant picture of how you are doing, where you income is coming from and where you might want to make savings.

Time Worked Reports

Time Recording means that you can see exactly how much time staff are spending on their matters. You will be able to see totals for the day, week, month or time period you are interested in for individual staff or the entire firm. Summaries give you an overview of how active staff are on matters while a full breakdown shows exactly which activities your staff are spending time on.

Matter Management

The Case Management tool allows you to put tasks in your staffs diaries and check to see what has been done on the matters you are overseeing. You can easily read all documents attached to the matters and see how produced them and when.

"Its use ensures that everyone here at DCH Law spends less time on the tedious parts of managing cases and accounts, and more time with the people who matter - our clients"
Bev Garlick - Practice Manager - DCH Law - Nottingham - September 2014


Set budgets for all of your practice expenses as well as targets for your Fee Earners or departments. Then you can easily compare your actual performance and its variance against your budgets.